Views on " Double Conscious" Essay

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Among the concepts mentioned in Du Bois’ s The Souls of Black Folk, “double consciousness “ impresses me the most; therefore, I would like to commend on Mr. Washington’s program in accordance to it. While Du Bois thinks that black people should focus on the study of liberal arts so as to be educated spiritually rather than technically, Mr. Washington claims that only through material prosperity can black people dominate the North and become independent. However, from my point of view regarding double-consciousness, I suppose that I’m with Du Bois. As far as I’m concerned, I consider it the best way to eradicate the concept of double-consciousness from black people as well as to lessen the indescribable pain it has long tortured them is to equip them with correct concepts as well as impartial ideas or even what’s called liberal arts. By educating them either material, I believe that they’ll soon gain confidence in themselves and become eligible of cooperating or competing with white people face to face and without feeling inferior. For instance, by installing them correct concepts and neutral ideas such as all men are born equally, they’ll realize the fact that they aren’t inferior to white people, and thus, though might still be looked down on by most white people, they won’t remain silent when being unequally treated. As for liberal arts, to put it differently, if black people are educated the way white people are, they are given equal knowledge and equal rights which might lead to equal opportunity. I f possible, remarkable black men who successfully gain vital position among the white might even bring further progress to black people, and hence make history just like present US president Barack Obama does. Here are some reasons I find possible that Du Bois think is wrong with Mr. Washington’s program. First, Du Bois thinks that through solely industrial
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