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A View from the Bridge ‘A view from the bridge’ is written by Arthur Miller in the 1950. The play was first published in 1955 but not released until 1957. The play takes place between 1940-1950 in Brooklyn. Arthur Miller got the idea of the play when his lawyer friend told him about a longshoreman who ratted to the Immigration Bureau on two illegal brothers that were living in America, so this is how the whole concept of view from the Bridge came about. The play takes place in Brooklyn, New York along the shore, but most of the play takes place in the home of Eddie Carbone. “The main acting is the living room and dining room.......there is a rocker down frount; a rounded dining table at the center whit chairs; and a portable phonograph.” Also at the right, the forestage, a desk.” This is Mr. Alfieri’s law office and a telephone booth but it is covered up until the last scenes. Arthur Miller lets the reader know that it is a very poor, cramped and dirty community. Alfieri decides it as “the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge. This is the gullet of New York.” In the play Brooklyn is made up of mostly Sicilian-Americans. Within the community they don’t believe in the American law but have their own set of rules that everyone respects and live by. Everyone had been brought up with an eye for an eye, so if someone kills a member of your family you should seek revenge on that person and must not ever go to the police. Within the community respect and your good name are both very important to you, and once you have lost it by ratting to the police or killing someone unjustly, you can never get it back and will be set as an outcast within the community. At the beginning of the play Eddie is portrayed as a kind, caring family man, he is very hard working and will do any job just to get

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