View From a Bridge

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A View from a Bridge Introduction “A View from a Bridge” is a domestic tragedy. The audience know this from the beginning because Alfieri gives hints: “Watched it run its bloody course”. This tells us that he was unable to do anything to help Eddie and felt almost powerless. “I would have finished the whole story that afternoon. It wasn’t as though there was a mystery to unravel.” Everything that was going to happen was expected. “This one’s name was Eddie Carbone. And so I – waited here.” Miller creates anticipation with this quote. Alfieri speaks of Eddie in the past tense; he is recollecting his memories of Eddie. Eddie is an ordinary, hardworking man with a family. This warns us that the upcoming events could happen to anyone. Act 1 is very theatrical and visual. The dancing, boxing and chair lifting are dramatic devices used to create tension as Eddie battles his feelings for his niece Catherine. Setting The play is set in a very close-knit community, Red Hook, in New York. It is a slum area that faces the bay. Most of the residents of Red Hook are immigrants from Italy. The community is represented by Louis and Mike. The community values justice and loyalty. The language used in the play represents the characters’ role in the play. Alfieri speaks in a more formal way than the other characters. Marco and Rodolpho also have Italian accents to represent where they’re from. Most of the action takes place in Eddie’s living room. This focuses the attention of the audience. It intensifies the action and adds tension. The characters have nowhere to escape. They are trapped as are Eddie’s unknown feelings for Catherine. Some of the action happens outside the Carbones’ apartment. Marco spit in Eddie’s face outside, the community was watching. Eddie’s name was taken away. The setting outside is important because this is where Eddie dies. Alfieri
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