A View From The Bridge

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Alana Strong Choose a play in which the character makes a fateful decision. Explain the circumstances which led up to this decision and describe how it affects your view on the character. A play in which the character makes a decision that proves to be fateful is Arthur Miller's "A View From The Bridge." The fateful decision character Eddie makes is when he decides to break the Code of Honour which he strongly believed in previously. Eddie breaks this Code of Honour and his own loyalty in his nature when his wife's cousins come over from Italy to live with Eddie and his family. When one of the cousins, Rodolpho, falls in love with Eddie's niece Catherine, Eddie is furious. He does not approve of this at all, and decides to take drastic action by reporting the cousins to the immigration officers all just to keep Catherine to himself, and this is how he breaks the Code. From the very beginning of the play it is clear that Eddie loves Catherine but it is also slightly hinted that he has more feelings towards Catherine which he shouldn't have so it is obvious from the start that there will be disaster in the play as soon as anything comes between Eddie and Catherine. At the start of the play Eddie is talking to Catherine and it is clear to see how much that Eddie loves Catherine, though we are not aware of the extent of his emotions towards her and we also do not see their tragic potential. "Oh if your mother could see you now!" This characterisation shows Eddie is very proud of his niece and really cares for her. However it is not obvious that his feelings for Catherine are too strong and therefore wrong, this becomes clearer as the play progresses. The stage directions at this point in the play show that Catherine strives on Eddie's attention and needs his approval to make her happy, this sets up the relationship for the audience to see and
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