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A View From The Bridge On November 2nd, 2007 I saw A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller. It was directed by Peter Sander, and was performed in the John Adams Playhouse at Hofstra University. Because of several excellent performances and a beautiful set and lighting, this was a very well done show. A View From The Bridge is a play based around love and power. Eddie Carbone (played by Jeremy Benson) is a Brooklyn raised longshoreman who is guilty of loving too much. He is overprotective of his niece Catherine (played by Kelly Bavaro), and because of that, he ends up leaving a rain cloud over his relationship with his wife, Beatrice (played by Megan Lanzarone). Jeremy Benson, Kelly Bavaro, and Megan Lanzarone provided three extremely well executed performances of their characters. Arthur Miller did not write easy characters to perform, but Jeremy, Kelly, and Megan made the characters as natural as possible. Kelly Bavaro was perfect for the role of Catherine. Catherine is supposed to be a naïve young woman who falls in love with someone her Uncle (in the end) is jealous of. What was most noticeable about the performances was the chemistry between Eddie Carbone (Jeremy) and Beatrice (Megan). Though they have a strained relationship, there was no doubt that they were in love, and nothing could change that. Two other spectacular performances in this show were delivered by Andrew Huber (Rodolfo) and Patrick Marran (Marco). The biggest challenge with these two characters is keeping the accent throughout the entire show, yet, not make the accent the most noticeable thing about the performance. In this case, I did not find it distracting. In fact, I found that the accent aided in me accepting the character as a real person, and not just as a character in a show. Once again, chemistry played a big role in the believability of these two characters. Though the two men

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