Vietnamese Stock Market Essay

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Going through many difficulties after two wars against France and the United States, Vietnam had started economic reforms since the mid-80s of the 20th century. With the characteristics of a traditional agricultural country, the transition from subsidized economy to a market economy in Vietnam faced many difficulties. However, with the efforts of the Communist Party and the government , especially after 2006 when Vietnam officially became the 150th member of the World Trade Organization, along with a series of international trade agreements signed with the EU, U.S. and Japan have creating a premise for Vietnam's economy progresses However, besides the opportunity, the challenge is not small. The lack of investment in production technology, machinery, labor skill improvement is a complex problem for the management when the state budget can not meet the growing needs of the business. Under these circumstances, the birth of the Vietnamese stock market in 2000 has met the expectations of the economy. From 2000 to present, the stock market of Vietnam has faced many difficulties, not only affected by the Vietnamese economy but also by the economic factor around the world. In this presentation today, we will talk about some main factors that influence on the Vietnamese stock market and give you further information about this market from 2006 to 2012. Our presentation will be divided into 2 main parts. First of all I will introduce to you some factor that affects the stock market. Then Hanh and Van anh will give you closer view of the market from 2006 to 2012. Now we will list some factor that affects the stock market. As you can see on the picture here, there are many factors that can influence on the market: Company news, earnings, analyst target….. However, in this part, we only mention four main reasons that drive the stock market. The first factor is deflation and

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