Vietnamese New Year

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Vietnamese New Year Everyone in the world celebrates new year, but do you think each of their countries celebrates the new year in a same way as others? In my country,Vietnam, the new year celebration is different from the American style of celebration. I will share the history of the Vietnamese new year, its meaning, and especially how it is celebrated. Tet, or new year, is the most important and exciting festival in Vietnam from thousand of year ago. Nobody knows when the new year began, but in Vietnam, Tet is under the cultural influence of the Chinese lunar new year. Tet is held on the first three day of the first month from lunar calendar. Secondly, Tet have a lot of meanings. Tet is not only the start of a new year but also a look back at what has happened in the past. Therefore, when Tet is coming, most of people busy buying new clothes to wear, resolving conflict in relationship, paying off debts, cleaning and decorate their houses, etc. Because they want everything in another new year willing to be a good start with lots of new things. Tet is a chance for people to give out wishes to another. Children can get lucky money from their relatives or adults when they give out wishes to them. Moreover,Tet also an occasion for family reunion. Wherever people far away from home or their country are still want to come back to the place that they was born to celebrate Tet with their parents and their relatives. Family gathering to talk to each other about everything they had gone through. On new year's eve, everyone together looking at the clock and count the last seconds of the old year to prepare to touch in a first moment of a coming year. Then when the clock point at 00:00Am, one of us feel so happy, we delightly embarked together, wishing each other with our own love and lots of sincerely wishes. People also wish for them a new year with good health,

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