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Department of Immigration Ministerial Briefing Paper for the Right Honorable Chris Bowen Title: A Report into the Vietnam War and its effects on the ‘boat people’ of Vietnam 1973 By Mitchell Seres Purpose of Report This report has been written to shed light on the issues faced by the Boat People from South East Asia that fled their countries to Australia and the difficulties in which they faced after arriving here. The report informs the reader that the Boat People are still suffering for many reasons. The reasons in which the boat people are suffering fall into the four categories of social, economic, cultural and medical. This report was written to recommend necessary actions to be taken by the Department of Immigration to solve the problems faced by refugees living amongst us and to make them feel as if they can call Australia home. History The term ‘Boat People’ did not only apply to the Vietnamese refugees who fled their country, but also to people of Cambodia and Laos who did the same. The term ‘Vietnamese Boat People’ generally refers to those who lived in the former South Vietnam who fled the new Communist government. Many in what was South Vietnam feared the communist North and despite the creation of a united Republic of Vietnam, many who lived in South Vietnam lived in fear of retribution once it was found out that they had actually fought against the communist onslaught during the actual Vietnam War. In excess of 65,000 Vietnamese civilians were executed after the war ended as well as a further one million being sent to prison or re-education camps where an estimated 165,000 other Vietnamese people were killed. Many of the Vietnamese population decided that the best thing for their own safety was to leave Vietnam, and because air flight out of Vietnam was out of the question, many of the Vietnamese people had to take a last resort of a

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