Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims

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Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam International economics DISSERTATION VIETNAMESE AGENT ORANGE VICTIMS Class: KT37A Group: 6 Students 1. Lại Thùy Trang 2. Cao Hồng Hạnh 3. Nguyễn Hoành Lĩnh 4. Lê Đức Minh 5. Bùi Khánh Toàn 6. Dương Thùy Nga Hanoi, November, 2012 CATEGORY INTRODUCTION 2 CONTENTS 4 I. Situation 4 1. Range of Agent Orange exposure 4 2. The Agent Orange’s influences to human heath. 5 3. The adverse impacts to Agent Orange victim’s family and society 7 II. Solutions 8 1. Developing the medical researches 8 2. Expanding services to people with disabilities linked to dioxin and to their families. 10 3. Renewing the natural ecosystem for a healthier food chain 11 CONCLUSION 14 APPENDIX 15 REFERENCES 16 INTRODUCTION In Vietnam, during the period of 1961-1971, American army sprayed more than 80 million liters of toxic chemical substances, most of which were Agent Orange which contained about 400 kilograms of dioxin. This weapon of mass destruction has caused great suffering to countless families and left serious consequences on the natural environment and generations of Vietnamese. For the time being, it is estimated that there have been 4.8 million Vietnamese people victimized by Agent Orange/dioxin. They reside mainly along the Trail of Truong Son and in areas bordering Cambodia. Tens of thousands of them have died. Millions of others and their offspring suffer from diseases and live in poverty due to Agent Orange’s effect. Approaching the Agent Orange issues, in this dissertation we intend to introduce the situation of Agent Orange victims and point out how to deal with this problems. We divide this dissertation into the following structure. Chapter I: Situation 1. Range of Agent Orange exposure In this case, we point out a variety of places including mild and severe areas,

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