Vietnam's Commercials Essay

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Commercials, advertising shown on television, have become one of the most effective ways to introduce products to customers. As the product producing industry keeps developing rapidly in Vietnam, television commercials have played an important role as a bridge between products or manufacturers and customers. However, there are many commercials not only ineffective but also seriously inappropriate with the culture; some even make customers feel insulted. This real situation, as it was described by Tom Asacker on “I can surely say to you that advertising is killing itself, or at least it is itself taking away the wind blowing its own stretch sail”, has become a big problem that the advertising industry has to suffer. There are many products of famous brands have lost their good images, for advertisements bad in both the content and the ways of delivering. Firstly, talking about the ways of delivering these advertisements and commercials, they seem to appear on the television so many times that they are becoming saturated. As a result, people may bother watching them as well as the products are shown. Making people feel annoyed to see the product, in my opinion, is definitely not a good impression in approaching potential customers. Secondly, some of the commercials shown accidentally destroy the good image of products by using meaningless slogans or cliché, offensive pictures, and lies. For example, a commercial on best buy television show introduced an intelligent mop that can spin 360 degree easily in order to sweep many areas that are difficult to reach, and it can be dried easily before sweeping by using your foot to press the pedal controlling the drying part. In fact, totally different from these amazing functions, many customers like Miss Mai Ngoc (district 1, Ho Chi Minh City) have found that the mop is not easy to use as it was

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