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Vietnam War Rob Watson History 135 Sunday May 27, 2012 Mona Rocha Vietnam War There were many wars in the history of America, but the one war that faced much controversy then, even still today, which brought about many changes, was the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War lasted 19 years, from 1954 to 1973(Vietnam War). This war had an impact on many aspects of life in America, and the actions of America affected the war efforts in Vietnam. As the War ended, it sparked many changes in America, both political and social that still affects us even today. This paper will examine the ways in which the war influenced the lives of America, and how the events in America influenced the war. The Vietnam War created a civil unrest and sparked many protests among students that caused much unrest on college campuses. The unrest was because people viewed the Vietnam War in two basic conflicting ways. The first view was that the intentions behind getting involved were good, but it started to carry too much burden on the United States and that the troops needed to exit Vietnam. The other view was the United States went for a purpose and that the United States should not exist until the job is finished, regardless of long it takes (Schulzinger, 1999). Due to these conflicting views, many protests and demonstrations executed, most of them taking place on college and university campuses, affected students and their life in general. The instituting of the draft during the Vietnam War sparked a controversy by students due to the fact the draft affected the college-aged students, known as the Baby Boomers. The draft was instituted as a way the government was able to legally send men and women to the war, regardless of their desire to fight in it or not. The draft was set up with some men being able to get deferments or exemptions because of their college obligations,

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