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English Composition Analysis Essay Vietnam War From the Vietnam War, many images and stories give a shocking message, but the picture of the young girl Kim Phuc is the most horrifying of all. This war as shown in many different movies as different points of views, but the main point of view was that the war itself was a very unfair and brutal, and it showed an absurd disrespect for the life of human beings. The war was unfair, since it all happened all of a sudden. The war that the United States did not needed to be involved. The United States, being the strongest country in the world, fought against a nation that wasn’t fully developed. The United States having all high technology weaponry made the level of the war unfair. Many movies show that the United States always had an advantage on the Vietnamese soldiers. Every movie shows that the United is above all. Such as the movie Full Metal Jacket, when the Marines go to Vietnam to fight, they show that not many US soldiers die. Only Vietnamese soldiers die. The movie shows that the ratio of death of US troops is low. The brutality is also represented in this war. The United States, bombing a city of innocent families was killed. As the photo of Kim Phuc, it reveals the brutality and also the unfairness towards the Vietnamese people. It clearly shows the United States soldiers, fully armed, and the young boys and girls running away from them in fear. The girl in the middle, Kim Phuc, running away naked and her body all burned and her face astonished, filled with pain and disbelief. Their faces show an expression that they are running away from the devil. United States soldiers showed no mercy, which explained their brutality towards the Vietnamese. The disrespect for human life in this war is shown in every image of the Vietnam War. As seen in movies, such as Boys in Company C, Platoon,” and

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