Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War was a huge turning point for Australia in many ways. Today we will be talking about how the technologies used in the Vietnam War have changed. The Australians in the Vietnam War used many different kinds of technologies. Some of them have changed and some have stayed the same. The different kinds of weapons and artillery that the Australians used is a very long list. But today I will name a few that were used a great deal during the War. The Australians, being allies of the US and Britain, had a heavy influence on the weaponry and artillery that the Australians used. The Australians had different tactics when approaching the enemy, one of which was that they would fire bombs from heavy artillery such as Mortars ahead of the soldiers so that the men could cover more ground. Mortars, such as the ones in these photos, were one of the heavy artillery weapons that were used to bomb ahead. As you can see they were bolted to the ground and aimed at a certain point and fired. The range of these weapons could reach up to 1,000 metres. This weapon was originally use by the US, but because the US and Australia were allies most of the weapons were passed on. The army had a number of different bombs and mines that they used, but one of the most effective was the M18A1 Claymore. This bomb was a horizontally curved green plastic case. The shape was developed through experimentation to deliver the ideal distribution of steel ball fragments. The case has the words "Front Toward Enemy" imprinted on the front of the mine. The steel balls can reach distances of up to 250 meters. This is just one of the bombs that the Australians used against the Vietnamese. This bomb was ideal for ambushes and as an anti-infiltration device of the enemy infantry. It was also used against unarmored vehicles. This and the 105 Howitzer are weapons that are still used today

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