Vietnam War Essay

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VIETNAM WAR REASERCH ESSAY The Vietnam War came at a time when the world was split between communists and those that weren’t. Australia decided to become involved for a number of reasons which had affects on Australia and what Australia actually did. Those things are listed below. After World War Two the communist Soviet Union and the capitalist United States were at ‘war’. The Soviet Union lead the ‘Eastern Bloc’ of countries and the United States lead the ‘Western Bloc’ of countries. They were at war because the United States wanted to stop people becoming under control of the communists. This became known as the Cold War. In 1950 Prime Minister Robert Menzies brought in a limited form of conscription. This required 3 months of full time training and home service. This form of conscriptions was abandoned in 1958. In 1951 Menzies warned Australia to be prepared to face war in 3 years against the communists. In the same year Australia, New Zealand and the United States formed the ANZUS Agreement. This meant that all 3 countries agreed to go to one another’s aid in the event of an attack. In 1954 Britain, France, Russia and the United States held the Geneva Conference to try and deal with the wars that were going on in Korea and Vietnam. Whilst at the conference Vietnam was split at the 17th parallel. The communists lead North Vietnam and the United States lead South Vietnam. In the same year the South-East Asia Collective Treaty (SEATO) was formed, which meant that a number of countries were guaranteed protection under the treaty’s security arrangements. In 1962, after the United States requests and the fear of the domino theory, the Australian government sent 30 Australian army advisors to support the United States in Vietnam. The domino theory meant that the capitalists believed that if one country fell under communism, its neighbours would all

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