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Mode: Expository Form:Analysis of a historical event Brief History Prior to the official Vietnam War (7th May 1954 – 30th April 1975), there was a series of events that took place that was to blame for the occurrence of the full-fledged war between the North and South Vietnam, with the exception of the support from the Americans, Australians and French. It is believed that the nature of war was the prolonged struggle between nationalist forces attempting to unify the country of Vietnam under a communist government. It was started by the Communist guerrillas from the North, otherwise known as Vietcongs, condemning the nationalist South Vietnam. Timeline of the significant events of the Vietnam War:  7th May, 1954: Vietnamese forces conquered Dien Bien Phu after fifty-five days of battle. During the battle 3,000 French soldiers were killed, 8,000 Vietnamese soldiers died and 12,000 soldiers were wounded.  13th February, 1965: US president Lyndon Johnson approved Operation Rolling Thunder – regular bombing of the North Vietnam to prevent the North Vietnamese supporting the Vietcong Guerillas in the South (traitors of nationalism).  7th April, 1965: US attempts to negotiate with North Vietnam with economic support in exchange for peace. Upon the North Vietnam rejection of the offer, the US sent in another 60,000 troops into Vietnam.  27th June, 1965: General William Westmoreland successfully conquered a territory located in northwest Saigon through offensive operation using American ground forces.  8th January, 1966: Operation Crimp was carried out which involved around 8,000 American soldiers to capture the Vietcong Headquarters for Saigon. Unfortunately, mission failed due to failure to locate the Vietcong base.  End of 1966: American forces recorded 385,000 soldiers and 60,000 sailors

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