Vietnam Fiction Story Essay

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The Worst Day of My Life I looked into Matt’s eyes and I knew he would never be able to forgive me for what happened. I tried to do the right thing but now my best friend, or ex best friend will never trust me again. We were given the kill order in the Vietnamese Village of Ben Tre. We were told that in order to save the village we needed to destroy it, something that made little sense to me at the time. It seemed Major Willis genuinely felt he was doing this village and its inhabitants a favor by wiping them off the face of the earth. I could not understand exactly how this would help but Matt said, “Let’s just follow our orders and get out of here in one piece.” Matt and I were walking down the main street which was a dirt road riddled with sharp rocks and now filled with confused and scared villagers. Most of the villagers had been gathered in the center square where firing squads already started systematically exterminating men, women, children, and even babies. Luckily Matt and I were responsible for sweeping the village for any stragglers rather than directly participating in the massacre. We walked without looking or speaking to each other, with our eyes wide and alert trained on the doors and windows of the houses we passed. My goal was to do my job without killing anyone; I was hoping there would be no one left for us to bring in. My ideal walk down the main street of Ben Tre would have been an uneventful and dull occasion. After the first couple blocks the village was a ghost town with the occasional dead body that had not yet been dragged to the mass graves near the town square. However, nearly 2 miles down the road we saw movement in a downtrodden house. I was hoping Matt didn’t see anything so I could pretend no one was there and just be on my way but he tapped my shoulder and motioned towards the building. As we cautiously

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