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Vietnam War Aaron HIS135 The Vietnam War has perhaps been the most controversial armed conflict among the American public since the United States engaged in since the Revolutionary War. Tan entire generation fund its fate and future inexorably tied to the conflict. Those who were drafted were much younger than previous generations of American warriors, the same age as the college protesters at home, a result of the administration’s reluctance to commit t a policy of total war. The average age of soldiers in all of the prior conflicts of the century had been much higher. This was a war that the youngest would bear the brunt of. The result was an entire generation disillusioned with their government, both those on the front and those at home. The consensus was shattered, and American faith in political leaders would never recover to its former status. The military draft had a tremendous effect on the political engagement of students I the Vietnam Era. Individuals attending college differed while they attained their degree, while their contemporaries were sent to die. While these college attendees enjoyed the benefits of higher education, they all knew that as soon as they graduated they too would be sent to fuel the fire of the war. A natural result was for those in college to investigate the causes and validity of the conflict. Since Vietnam was a war fought on the idea of preserving ideas, it is not surprising that many of the students did not think that their lives or those of their peer were worth less than mere ideas. Many did not even agree with these ideas. So, the student resistance was borne, and it spread like wildfire among campuses across the country. Organizations were formed (many based on the tactics of the civil rights movement), and dissent spread. Coalitions joined together in a common cause, opposition of an unjust war, even active duty

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