Viet Nam New Year

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“Will you spend Tet(New Year) with your family?” Everybody asks this question in late winter. All Vietnamese are thrilled by the advent of Tet because it brings hope for a successful year, and it is an opportunity for people encounter together after a busy year. Tet is an important holiday in Viet Nam. Viet Nam has many traditions and Tet is the popular tradition. When Tet’s coming, people who work far away go back to their homeland for a family reunion on New Year. Because of parents usually teach their children that “Trees have roots, water has source, when drinking water, we must remember the source.” So we remembered what mom and dad taught, and wanted to return with them. Tet is a meeting, it occurs sometime between late January or early February, depending on Lunar Calendar. Vietnames New Year celebration after they crop harvesting and sowing of the new crops. Moreover there is a chance for some family visit their ancestor’s graves to worship and pray for their protest and a lucky year. They invite and welcome ancestors back with their descendants to join the family’s Tet celebrations. Everybody want to make something new for themselves. They gets a new haircut, buys new clothes, shoes. The first important thing which every homes do are cleans, paints their homes to give it a new look. And pays off the debts before Tet. Businesses hang the red banners “Happy New Year” and city streets are decorate with color lights. Many store begin to change their product, they sell jam, fruits and kumquat trees. Other sell flowering peach and apricot trees the symbols of life and good fortune, which people bring into their homes. The atmosphere was excited and animated. In Viet Nam the altar very important and the first impression when the guess visit someone’s house is altar. It shows for other people that they

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