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Online Video Watching In this day and age we are online more than ever before, using the computers at work or using your smartphone and tablet at home or in the car. So with all this time online checking Facebook or playing games such as the wildly popular Candy Crush Saga, what else are people doing to fill up some of that extra free time? The answer is quite simple they are on YouTube. Since 2009 more and more people are either watching or downloading videos online. The most popular way to view all of that videos is streaming them through YouTube. Other websites,apps,and social media sites offer some way to view a video clip but none of them receive as much traffic as YouTube does. The most popular kind of videos being watched these days are comedy videos. They are hands down the most popular genre among people, holding the No.1 spot for 4 years and counting as 58% of americans are giggling at comedy videos . In most public events people often pull out their phones or cameras and take a video of a particular moment or event such as a concert or maybe a friend falling off a tall tree branch. Most of these videos are then uploaded to YouTube where they are aiming for a bit of stardom in the YouTube universe hoping that a video turns into the next viral video that everyone is watching. YouTube has grown increasingly popular over the years housing a number of comedic videos, how to tutorials, and music videos. It has become a daily routine for people to check what is new on YouTube it has become one of the most popular ways to share and watch videos and news to this

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