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Braithwaite’s Video Style Braithwaite’s video style is a visually effective style of writing. This style of writing differs from the traditional style of writing in terms of type, font size and stanza shape made available on word processor. According to Braithwaite, he started this type of writing to make his poetry look interesting and that with the use of computer, he has gone into such style of writing. In his this new style of writing, he has revived the old earlier pieces of writing. His attempt is to create a word sculptures on the pages. His poems such as, “The Zea Mexican Diary”, “Middle Passages”, the prose of “Dream Stories” is written in this style. Video style is possible only because of the capacity of computer to render graphically the pattern of language by experimenting with several font and styles. The words spoken in higher pitch are presented in large fonts or can be italicized or highlighted. For example, the text from “Barabajan Poems” given in video style consist the words presented in large font. The large fonts convey the main idea of the poem that even the countries of the Caribbean territory can produce literary texts. Looking at the poem, we can very soon feel the difficulty in printing such style of writing. But with the use of computer, Braithwaite has made it easier. Words are broken down, deliberately miss pelt, given faulty punctuation, interspersed with brackets, asterisks, abbreviations, etc. Video style allows Braithwaite to louden up the nation’s language making it visually catchy. His rhythms break down the syntax in the new version. It provides new ordering of meaning within the texts. He uses the computer in a way that disrupts the cultural associations attached to poetry, written language and the pages printed. Thus, Braithwaite’s video style is completely new style of writing where readers are attracted by the
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