Video Games Improve Cognitive Skills Essay

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Video games enhance the development of life skills. Life skills are the physcosocial adaptive and positive behavior traits that enables individuals to deal effectively through out the demands and challenges of life. Therefore Video Games aid in the flourishing of life skills like cognitve skills Cognitive skills are analytical skills which improve mental dexterity. The skills that are highlighted are in games that involve, action, strategy and first person shooting. Under these games’ characteristics such as creative thinking, logical reasoning and thinking, pattern recognition and expertise can be honed. Creative thinking which can be seen when a player modifies and enhances the game to their specifications and parameters. A study from Nanayang Technological University in Singapore shows that people who play video games improves performances in tasks that share common demands. Also, the effect of video games can result to the enhancement of the neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to rewire itself with training. These studies show that video games can improve the decline of cognitive skills which can transpire to elders that show declination of cognitive skills. This very was actually tested and proved to be effective. As the elders who played the games regularly tested positive in the better working of their memory and switched tasks efficiently and swiftly. Another study from the University of Rochester shows that gamers perform better than non-gamers on certain levels of attention, speed , accuracy, vision and multitasking. More over, Video games enhance the logical thinking of a human in ways such as breaking codes in video games. Furthermore, it can lead to the development of strategies in a human being. Therefore, in every level, logic can be improved and honed as it is presented in every stage that one advances to while played in the game.

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