Video Games Good or Bad Essay

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Video Games: Good or Bad? It is true that video games have ups and downs in relation to children playing them. In result of this statement could lead us into equally stating that either non-violent or violent video games can be good or bad. Well, in a recent study by Texas A&M International University, researchers gave young children a frustrating task to complete, and then had the children play a violent video game. Not just any game though, a game that had a good versus evil theme and the child had to play as the “bad guy.” The results show that the violent games reduced stress, depression, and hostile feelings (#). So, these results do not support the link between violent video games and aggressive behavior. You can find video games everywhere nowadays; they are in nearly every child's home in one way or another, you can find them on mobiles, arcades, Digital TV, portable games consoles and of course normal games consoles. So, is this a good thing or not? The history of video games dates back to the 1970's, where a man named Nolan Bushnell developed an arcade video game called 'Computer Space'. It had many technological innovations, but the game play was confusing and the game didn't hit big in the market audience. However, from the profit he made on it, he left his previous company, Nutting Associates and formed Atari Inc. Here he developed a game along with Alan Alcorn, which became the most revolutionary game in gaming history. The game was called 'Pong' and it involved two vertical lines on opposite sides of a net that could bounce back a moving dot. As simple as it was, the game became an instant success when it was placed in a local gas station. As a matter of fact, the arcade machine seized to operate due to the great load of money inside it! Throughout the years many more games were developed, but it wasn't until 1981, that Nintendo became a

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