Video Games Dont Cause Violence

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Blaming Everything but Ourselves “Did you know that 90% of males and 40% of females play video games?” (Craig A. Anderson) Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Halo are some of the most popular video games that are out right now. These video games all have something in common and that is the violence that is in them. From racing cars from the police, shooting and killing people in other ways, they can be very gory. For the most part, teen agers are playing these games. In fact, not many adults over 35 are video game players. Although I don't agree, It is said that video game violence is the reason that today's world is so violent. I do not think that video games promote violence. Despite video games being in every country, the crime rates vary in every country. If video game playing was linked to crime rates you would assume that you'd see higher crime rates everywhere. The top ten countries for violence in order are: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Canada, Italy and India. All of these countries have different crime rates, but they also have one thing in common and that is that all of them have video games. Some would argue that violent video games are getting into children’s minds and causing them to act out. Jonathon Jeffers disagrees and has written an article countering the idea that video games cause violence. Jeffers has said that, "The problem is not the game itself, but the lack of self-control that the player shows by not limiting the amount of time he plays. Too much of anything can be bad, and the more someone exposes their mind to violence for prolonged times the more he will become immune to it in real life." (Jonathon Jeffers). I agree with Jeffers that the problem is a person's lack of self control and also that people are playing too much. People are abusing video games and becoming addicted
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