Video Games, Bad? Essay

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On 13 October 2008, Brandon Crisp ran away from home because his parents took away his Xbox 360 due to his obsessive playing of the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. 23 days later, he was found dead. In 2003, two teenagers (14 and 16) used rifles to shoot cars on the highway, in an attempt to recreate images from the video game Grand Theft Auto. Mr Hamel was killed while driving home. Miss Bede (who was traveling in as separate car) was severely injured, she got 8 fragments of shrapnel in her pelvis. I here to today to talk about problems with video games. Video games have become increasingly popular. They are played not only in homes but in workplaces, clubs and schools.,You can play games on electronic screens such as computers, televisions, iPods and cellular phones. Most of you may have heard of games like Grand Theft Auto and the previously mentioned Call of Duty. Games like those were designed for people who were bored to pass the time. In these games, you may have noticed that there is a lot of fighting, shooting, racist or sexual themes and plots. I think video games have more bad qualities than good. The biggest one is video game addiction. This is a social issue. The average teenager plays video games for an hour a day (according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan), in my opinion this is a huge waste of time. This means that the average teen wastes 15 days and 5 hours a year, that is 365 hours, 21900 minutes, 1314000 seconds. Video games have negative effects on relationships with friends and family and effect behaviour in school. Studies show that video game addicts have trouble focusing in class. Video games addicts have poor social skills due to the lack of human interaction in society. Some people spend more time in the virtual world, neglecting real life social skills. Also, looking at a screen for a long length of time

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