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Video Games Are a Healthy Outlet For Aggression Essay

  • Submitted by: Dboyd92
  • on April 7, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Video Games Are a Healthy Outlet For Aggression" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Healthy Outlet for Aggression
Are video games truly just a harbinger of violent, unruly behavior or are they a beneficial to players in terms of expressing anger? Originally video games were just a means of having fun, either by oneself, or with family and friends, and engaging in ones imagination. Over time these trends became a bit skewed or take a bit of another direction. As with all technology advancements are made, and within the video game market changes came over time, some however, not always welcomed. Previously, games like Mario and Legend of Zelda, would teach moral lessons, enhance problem solving skills, and engage in merging the gap between imagination and the real world. With games like Grand Theft Auto and Postal their objectives are determined by rewarding the way you kill or humiliate the in game opposition, as well as infringing on rules normally not accepted in society such as stealing a car or animal cruelty. Then there was the infamous Virginia Tech shooting and similar other incidents in which students killed or threats to kill other students, teachers, etc. from influences by these violent video games. This behavior rallied an outcry by parents who demanded these such games be banned, condemned, destroyed or at least censored and that the companies responsible for producing these games be sued or shut down permanently. This wildfire of disapproval spread throughout not only the United States but all of Europe, some Asian countries, and most of South America, enacting that something must be done now to stop the corruption of future generations. Currently today there is an ongoing legal lawsuit against these gaming companies by parents and some government officials, but are these alleged violent video games responsible for the shootings, are they even the cause of anger amongst youth. In recent studies to determine the aggressive traits of games, and their impact on teens and children, have shown either the two are a nonexistent match,...

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