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Ryan Zaucha Introduction to Mass Communication Professor Duvall 5/1/13 The Life of a Gamer When thinking of media one usually thinks of the obvious like TV, movies, magazines, even music, forgetting about one of the most viewed source of media in our generation, Video games. When first invented video games were more of an interactive board game. With shotty graphics and everything in a 2D form, video games were a source of entertainment for a short period of time. If you put more than 2 hours into a game like Pac man or centipede you were probably the coolest kid at the arcade. Now with the advancements in technology a person is able to lose themselves in an alternate reality becoming the character on screen. When it comes to the type of gamers you have, John Breedon the director of GCN labs states “There are four different kinds of gamers, the achievers, the explorers, the socializers, and the killers.” Now the type of gamer you are isn’t directly related to the types of games you play. There are many games out there that give you the opportunity to be any of the four. Take Skyrim for example, you can travel around the world collecting artifacts and finding treasure and secret passages which would make you an explorer. On the other hand you can run around killing dragons and destroying villages which would place you as a killer. then there are games like Need For Speed which is a high speed racing game where the whole goal is to win races and beat time trials which is the type of goals for someone who is an achiever. The Uses & Gratifications Theory points out that people choose the type of media they consume. If your someone who is against violent video games you probably won’t go out and buy the new Grand Theft Auto 5 which is still to this day one of the most violent video games created but you might go buy the new super Mario brothers which is

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