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Video Games Essay

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  • on March 8, 2009
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Seminar Presentation: Video games do not make children more aggressive

Abe W.

No one will dispute the claim that the relationship between violent media and behaviour is a complex issue. Video games, after all, are not political speech acts, but cultural commodities sold in the market place. They therefore have characteristics of both speech acts and products.

Video games will only make children more violent if they already have a tendency towards aggression

A Swinburne University of Technology study of 120 children aged 11 to 15 revealed children prone to worrying, neurotic behaviour and predisposed to aggression were likely to be more aggressive after playing violent video games. But for the majority of children there was no difference in behaviour.

The study also found that children predisposed to aggression who were relaxed before playing became more aggressive afterwards while the more hyperactive children became less aggressive.

The Harvard Medical school study took a somewhat ‘hands on’ approach, with the researchers putting more emphasis on talking to video game playing kids about their feelings, rather than testing them in lab situations.

What the results showed was that in today’s world, most kids found that playing video games was a very social activity, which helped them bond with others and maintain friendship bonds with others.

The researchers were rather quick to point out that it was unclear whether this meant that violent games made kids aggressive, or whether aggressive kids just preferred to play fight games.

Video games only reflect a violence that already exists in the society. There is already a rating system placed for videogames and banning them is pointless because kids will find them if they really wanted to.

Violence is in the nature of man, whether physical (males usually) or psychological (females usually). Living out your violent urges in some virtual world actually decreases aggressiveness in Real Life....

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