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Joel Taylor Chris Snyder English 10-1 11 December 2012 Are Video Games Good for You? Video games are beneficial because they provide entertainment, promote physical health, and provide jobs. It is shown from the Education Development Center and the U. S say that children who play video-games are shown to increase letter recognition. Sounds with the association with letters and understanding basic concepts about stories and print for four to five year olds. With all the general thinking of video-games everyone thinks that all video games are violent. This isn't true, since out of the twenty five best selling video-games of all time about four are violent. Most violent video-games have repercussions of doing bad things as actions in the game and actions in the real world. People say that video games are the problem for kids doing bad things. Video-games are not the cause for children doing bad things, it is the child's ' own decision. Teens are not forced to do bad things it is there own doing. No one is forcing them to do it. University of Wisconsin education professor Dr. James Paul Gee concluded that video games intermix instruction and demonstration, a more effective learning technique than the style currently found in most classrooms. According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, video puzzle games that exercise children’s working memories can enhance their abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills, which can have a direct impact on future educational and occupational success. In addition, a study conducted by scientists at the University of Rochester found that video games can improve players’ vision, attention and certain cognitive skills. Study participants also performed better than non-gamers on certain tests of speed, accuracy and multitasking. Another study has shown that surgeons who play

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