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Tina Tran Professor Silvio Analytical Critique Essay 24 July 2012 The development of video games could be argued as one of the largest epidemics in the world of electronic media. It didn’t take long for video games to expand into a social phenomenon that’s embraced by all age groups. Now, with reality TV and talk shows being the new go to for relationships advice; it comes as no surprise that video games could possibly be a new form of therapy when it comes to dealing with personal and social issues. In his article, “Video Games Can Teach Social Tolerance”, Gonzalo Frasca proposes the idea of video games enhancing critical thinking skills through interactive simulations. Frasca uses a theatrical theory and several game examples to further demonstrate his claim that gamers can learn how to solve real life relationship issues through playing more evolved video games. Frasca constructs a valid argument by providing both pros and cons to support his claims but he fails to mention the negative effects of video games in general along with the restriction of simulation. The concept of simulation allows those involved to take control and inherit the ability to modify the given scenarios as they see fit. Bertolt Bracht [a German playwright and director] introduced the idea that plays should purposely be written to encourage audience to question the plays’ plots. Augusto Boal took Bracht’s ideas and revolutionized them to create the concept of “Forum Theater”. The term forum defined in this context means short scenarios created to purposely promote critical discussion among the audience. Frasca draws a very thorough and clear connection between the “Theater of the Oppressed” to video games in a way that supports his proposition quite nicely. Frasca adapted the idea of Forum Theater and proposed the birth of Forum Videogames where an individual, otherwise known as a

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