Video Game Violence Essay

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As the video game industry continues to grow and breaks through with new ideas, society is finding ways to bastardize it. A lot of people, especially parents, government officials and the media believe that video games are becoming a problem for the world’s youth and the cause of school shootings and other violence committed by teens. In reality, it is a problem that teens face at home that causes them to act out in violence. It has been proven that video games have benefits for the people who play them. Some people believe that video games have positive effects on education and health. So why is it that government official and the media point the finger at video games as the cause of teen violence? In the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting, in which twenty six children were killed, the senate has targeted video games as the cause for the tragic event. On December 19th, Senator Jay Rockefeller has given a bill to Congress the first legislation dealing with the shooting in Connecticut. The bill proposes a study be conducted on the impact video games have on children. In her article, Video Games Targeted By Senate In Wake Of Sandy Hook Shooting, Terkel reports Rockefeller as saying "This week, we are all focused on protecting our children. At times like this, we need to take a comprehensive look at all the ways we can keep our kids safe. I have long expressed concern about the impact of the violent content our kids see and interact with everyday", (Terkel, pg 10). This bill that Rockefeller presented to Congress would give the National Academy of Sciences power over the investigation of video games and their impact on children. There are a lot of people who will argue that are the cause of violence. They will also say that not only do video games cause violent and reckless behavior, but that is has a negative effect on their bodies as well. In Terkel’s

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