Video Game Violence Essay

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David Gortych Professor Ryan College Success Skills 19 September 2012 Video Game Violence The video game industry is extremely huge in this day and age. You can see commercials on TV for various games and there is no doubt they play a significant role in most kids lives. Being an avid video game player myself, I have seen how popular they have become over the years. Unfortunately, I have also seen how the media has blamed video game violence as the source of violent juvenile crimes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Juvenile crime rates have decreased, violent movies continue to push the limits and my own personal experience will show that video games are nothing more than a source of entertainment and stress release. First, according to 97% of 12-17 year olds played video games in 2008 and from the year 1995-2008 video game sales have quadrupled ( The amazing part about those statistics is that the arrest rate for juvenile murders has dropped 71.9% and the arrest rate for juvenile crimes declined 49.3% in the same time period ( To put it simply, there is no correlation between the sale and use of violent video games and juvenile crimes. The popularity of video games has only increased while crime rates have done the opposite ( Video games are one of the first to get the blame when a juvenile crime occurs, but another surprising fact is that the correlations between violent video games and violent behavior have yet to be proven ( Just by looking at the statistics it clearly shows that video games have done more good than harm when it comes to the crime rates. For most kids and teens it is an outlet to go and release frustrations. I can remember coming home from school and throwing on a video game to get my mind off of the day. The media seems to conveniently forget that movies

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