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16. What are the opportunities for this market? • Women are using video games at a faster rate compared to men. This gives an opportunity for the industry to develop games that will appeal to light or medium gamer. Demographics show the typical gamer is normally males between the ages of 18 to 34. Women, although their consumption is growing at a fast rate, account for only 34% of video game usage. Women demonstrate a smaller ownership and usage of video game systems. Most women prefer PC games over gaming systems; therefore, female video games users are considered an untapped market. They are seen as “late bloomers” to the new platforms of the gaming industry and are expected to grow as the systems go through their life cycle. As women become more familiar with gaming, the will move from casual gaming to more complicated gaming that will require more skill; this will make them explore more gaming platforms and consoles rather than PC games. Video game industries are using online advertising, demos and special offers on PC games to encourage consumers to go from light gaming to more complicated gaming. • The iPhone is the focal point of powerful changes in the gaming industry, not just as an arising gaming platform but as a potential marketing agent to reach players of other gaming platforms. With 17 million plus owners, the iPhone is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms. It is also the fastest growing mobile gaming platform. iPhone users are taking advantage of the more than 6,000 gaming applications available for easy download and low cost. In addition to the abundance of affordable games available for iPhone, games that take advantage of the touch screen 3 –axis accelerometer make it ideal for mobile gaming. The greatest advantage to the iPhone is owners have their phones with them all the time, so they are able to use it to play games whenever they

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