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Video Game Genres Essay

  • Submitted by: XcessiveEvil
  • on June 24, 2012
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Online Media and Role-Playing Games
      SOC 105

Lucky to have been born in the 70’s, I have played many of the greatest games in history.

Games of which, in one way or another, paved the way to the video games we see today.

Nintendo had great success with the release of Donkey Kong in 1981, but this was indeed was

just a prelude of things to come.   In 1985, they release the Nintendo Entertainment System

which, “Single-handedly revitalized the video game industry” (Nintendo.com).   A lot of the

games that were released were revolutionary   and even to this day, hold a place in “Video

Game Mecca.”   If you owned a Nintendo, it was a must have to own games like Super Mario

Brothers, Metroid (the first game that had a woman as the primary character), Mega Man, and

The Legend of Zelda.   For these games, not only were they unprecedented, but had a story line

and most important to many gamers, a significantly high replay value.   Selling over 60 million

systems worldwide, Nintendo never looked back.

      As new companies emerged like Turbo Grafx, Sega, and eventually mega conglomerates

like Microsoft and Sony, there was a scramble to include new genres to ensure that companies

stayed in this booming, multi-million dollar business of gaming.   One of the genres introduced

was Survival Horror in 1995.   Sony introduced a game called Resident Evil.   The premise of

Survival Horror is that of a 1980’s horror flick in which you are alone and trying to escape the

misfortunes that have befallen the city.   Capcom’s (also responsible for gaming greats like Mega

Man and Street Fighter) Resident Evil (1995) takes place in a fictional mid-sized city in the

Midwest called Raccoon City (www.capcom.com).

      After numerous reports of people missing and once found, apparently eaten, the Special

Tactics and Rescue Squad (henceforth known as S.T.A.R.S) Bravo team was...

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