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Video Game Culture Essay

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  • on November 14, 2012
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Video Game Culture

Video games may be violent but they are extremely valuable in today’s culture for any and everyone who picks them up as a hobby. Video games help with the development of logic, developing emotions, and problem solving. They allow our youth and teens in troubled homes, or those that are social outcasts to find their own place in our society. Teens that may be violent have a way of expressing their anger without harming others, all done with video games. Also video games are being used by the United States Army in the development and training of our soldiers. All of these reasons are why video games have become increasingly popular.
One of the first video games to come out was called Pong. Your goal was to get a ball past your opponent. Another early game to come out was called Death Race (Olson, Kutner, & Warner, 2008). The goal of this game was to run over little gremlins with your car. Death Race was the first game to spark controversy in our culture; many said it was unethical because the gremlins looked like little stick human beings. While these games are primitive compared to the first person video games we have today, they were the first of many more to come.
In response to violent video games such as Death Race, congressional hearings were held that led to the creation of the (ESRB) or Entertainment Software Ratings Board by video game producers. This Board rates games in four major categories which are E for everyone, T for teenagers 13 and up, M for mature teens 17 and up, and A for adults over the age of 18 years old. They were designed so parents know what they are buying for their kids and are strictly monitored and enforced.
Video Game sales have increased in astronomical numbers since the first video games came out. It is estimated that nearly 50 percent of teenagers have a video game console in their bedrooms (Olson et al 2008). Plus studies show how they aren’t just for kids anymore. “Over 60% of Americans play...

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