Video Game Addiction: a Growing Concern Essay

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Video Game Addiction: A Growing Concern Your Name COM/156 June 23, 2013 Instructor Name Video Game Addiction: A Growing Concern South Korean police arrested a couple in 2010 for neglecting their three-month-old daughter to the point that she starved to death while they played a computer game. Similar to this a young Korean man killed his mother because she said he spent too much time playing video games (Tran, 2010). These are just a few of the stories that can be found detailing the grim consequences that can transpire with Video Game Addiction. These and other stories highlight the seriousness of Video Game Addiction and provide insight into the tragic end that can result from such an addiction. The significance of this problem is one that is capturing people’s attention world-wide prompting an increase in research to clearly define and diagnose the issue. While Video Game Addiction is not a recognized diagnosis, it is of growing concern among medical professionals. If you ask a gamer they will tell you just how addictive video games can be, but one cannot help but wonder what specific factors contribute to the addictive nature of video games. In order to understand the diagnostic issues and prevalence regarding video game addiction, it is necessary to first understand what factors contribute to the possibility of addiction to video games. According to research, the risk varies based on the characteristics of the individual as well as the game combined; rather, there are several contributing factors. Claims of video games as the sole cause for addiction does not always apply as studies indicate not all video games are addictive. Research conducted by King, Delfabbro, & Griffiths (2012) determined specific types of video games such as online role-playing games are prone to addiction more than other types of games. This is because of increasing

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