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Chris Baynes Video Case 1 1. Most companies have a mission statement that reflects how they want to treat their customers or some say guests. The main mission that they are trying to meet is treating every customer or guest with respect and making sure that they get the product they want when they want it. Patagonia has a mission to making a product that is all natural and cause no necessary harm to any of the earth’s resources. 2. Patagonia is recognized as one of the best places to work because of the ethics that they have for their employees and they know how they want their company to be run. They offer great benefits to their employees such as a daycare center and have a motto that family is always number one. Another reason that this is a high desirable company to most is due to them allowing their employees freedom to go out and test the product that they are selling. They really focus on the needs of their employees. 3. In Patagonia I believe that the most ideal characteristics for a new employee would be someone who is very family oriented, has a passion for their work, believes in environmental friendly solutions, loves to surf and have fun, and gets along well with others. These characteristics would support the strategy of Patagonia because it is what their company is made of. Patagonia is a company that wants employees who are passionate and want to move forward in their dreams. They say that they are not only the business, but they are the customer as

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