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UNIT 4 ASSIGNMENT 1: VIDEO SUMMARY 2. VIDEO CLIP 1.04 MICHAEL HENDRIX TB 143 INTRODUCTION TO PERSONAL COMPUTERS THURSDAY MORNING CLASS DR P.A. WILLIAMS, PROFESSOR Unit 3 Assignment 1: Video 1.04 Bulleted list of topics Motherboard * Most important consideration: --Motherboard. --CPU. Note; if you are building up your computer on your own then most say purchase the Motherboard first and then the CPU. * Size and shape: Size and shape will be determined by the form factor. ATX Form Factor * Replaced the older AT form factors. * Smaller. * Better Organization. * Easier to work with than the AT. * Supports a wide variety of I/O devices. * Modem power supply connects to the ATX motherboard through a single port connector called a P1. * 20 pin or a 24 pin. ATX supports both. * Memory slots or DIMS. * 2 IDE connectors. * 1 or 2 Serial ATA connectors. * Keyboard uses a PS2 or USB Connector. * Soft power supply: --Located on the front of the computer. --Does not immediately cut power. --Allows the computer to go thru normal shutdown. * Power switch: --Located on the back of the computer. --Immediately kills all the power. * Wake on LAN: --Configured in CMOS. --Keyboard activity. --Network activity. While in standby will repower the system. BTX Form Factor * 20 or 24 pin P1 power connection. * Better air flow for better cooling: --Has an intake vent at the front. --Exhaust vent at the back. --CPU heat sink fins and memory modules installed parallel to air flow and does not block the air Flow. NLX Form Factor * This is low end personal computer. * Supports riser cards: --Fits into expansion slots. --P1 video connection for additional expansion cards. --Also known as Daughter

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