Victory Speech Essay

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Barack Obama Victory Speech Analysis: The opening of Obama’s speech exists not only to unite the audience, but to highlight a sense of change. The very fact a black man is standing in front of the American people, addressing them as their president emphasises to the patriotic crowd just how powerful America is, how America is a place of change. Barack poses the question of democracy through rhetoric devices “if there is anyone out there”. He then answers them himself through the repetition of “it’s the answer” in the following two paragraphs. He addresses every demographic in a equal way, allowing the audience to identify and feel part of “the answer” to the question of democracy. Furthermore, the image Obama uses of “lines that stretched around schools and churches” is significant because they represent the foundations of American society. Election success is so important to Obama; it’s effectively wrapped “around” the building blocks of society. Therefore the election and his win have become part of America’s foundations. Obama enhances the technique of listing by acknowledging the patriotism of his immediate audience. When he says “we are and always will be”, it’s the first glimpse of Obama using personal pronouns. The result is further union. Obama uses an extremely powerful image with his final “it’s the answer” paragraph. He says “put their hands on the arc of history and bend it” in reference to his audience. The “arc of history” is an abstract noun, But Obama describes it in context with a proper noun, developing the technique further, allowing his thoughts to synchronise with those of the audience. The fact that they can bend “The arc of history” to shape a better future is a conclusion to his argument on the power of democracy, the power that America holds dear. At this point, Obama is starting to gain the support of his worldwide audience; the
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