Victor's Identity In The Movie 'Smoke Signals'

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"Smoke Signals" Essay As people grow up, they are shaped by many factors including their background and/or heritage. In the movie "Smoke Signals", Victor, a Native American who grew up on an Indian reservation, has been affected by the unique circumstances of his background. Victor shaped his identity by the way he was raised and the environment he was raised in. Being a Native American, Victor did not feel accepted by others (mainly by American society) which in his mind made him become strong and brave. For example, Victor told Thomas to act like he had just come back from killing buffalo and also tried to get Thomas to change his appearance/attitude by getting him new clothes. This shows that Victor wished to portray the image of an Indian warrior and wanted his friend Thomas to portray the same image as well. This is because Victor felt white people take advantage of himself and Thomas if they didn't act tough and stand up for themselves. In addition, Victor stood up to the two men on the bus who stole their seats. This shows that…show more content…
For example, after Victor's Father left Victor proceeded to act negatively towards Thomas. This shows that Victor really missed his Father and was taking all of his anger out on Thomas. This because Victor did not want his Father to leave and is hurt from the abuse he suffered and he missed his Father. In addition, when Susie Song told him stories about his Father, Victor denied everything and said they never happened. This shows that Victor did not want to remember his Father and tried to loose all of those memories of his Father. This is because the memories of Arnold Joseph (Victor's Father) hurt Victor and caused him pain on the inside which is the main reason why he is so angry. Therefore, Victor did not want to admit that he needed his Father and never told anybody he needed

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