Victorian Bushfires (Editorial) Essay

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Media Crews of Australia swarm to cover vast stories of bushfire havoc and destruction. Bushfire updates alarming news stories and tales of heart shed, all filling the Greedy coffers of Company executives. When it comes to News, all Australians want the same thing: interesting, timely, relevant news. Don’t get that confused with dramatised, edge of your seat fiction and over exploited news stories. We as the public are the sandboxed audience who absorbs this news for the purposes of knowing what is going on in the world, not what is going to get you the best ratings. We have heard from nearly every coffee shop owner, fire fighter in Victoria in the past 2 weeks need we hear more? The egregious media with its eye on the bottom line decides what it is we hear what we see of the outside world. Often distressful stories with distort witnesses or aggravated assailants. Stories designed to make us sympathize, anger or feel other passionate emotions towards the victim or target of the news story. Taking the side of the victim, having experienced a create trauma in their life they recant their story for the camera, lining the pockets of company executives and board members. This hasn’t been an issue until recently. Most likely linked to the decline in News Media viewing by the younger Australian audiences “60 per cent of 2GB, 2UE and 3AW audiences are over fifty; at the “quality” end, 64 per cent of the ABC Radio National audience is over fifty”. Media should find real ways to get public TV’s money; it’s as easy as good fresh stories from around the world and local. After all isn’t that the purpose of the

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