Victoria Secret Marketing Methods

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If you are a woman and you value beauty, boldness, self-care and image then, you are the likely Target Segment of Limited Brands, their products are to tailored your desires and wants. Limited Brands main target are middle class women ages 18-40, however its Targeting Strategy is Multi-segment. This multi-segment target is exemplified with the differences of the brands that make up the company, which appeal to diverse ages as well as priority, whether it be looks, smell or appeal. These women range from a college student, to an established business woman or even a housewife. The characteristics of women in the target segment varies greatly and distinctly from others. This strategic multi-segment are women who can afford to buy a product that is higher than the average price in return for superb quality and up to date fashion. They like to look good with what they are wearing and want to maximize the potential of their body. They also like to look and feel comfortable but at the same time, want to feel well-kept and dressed. They do all of this focusing more on the end result than on the immediate effect on their wallet; unlike other women who buy similar products but in less expensive stores. Limited Brands achieves its goal, as explained in the company’s website, of making its customers feel bold sexy and powerful with its many different products that appeal to all the senses ( Some of these products are bras that maximize the appearance, size and aesthetics of a woman’s bust. Some body lotions that smell sweet and feel soft on the skin. Another types of lotions have a taste, such as their “Kissable Lip Gloss”, “Edible Body Icing” and even “Flirty Little Secret Firming Bronzer with Pheromones”( There are also less seductive creams and body spray

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