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Due to a “catalogue of lamentable administrative, managerial and professional failures”, social workers, police and NHS staff missed more than 12 opportunities to save Victoria Climbie. She died as a result of unimaginable abuse, described by the Home Office pathologist as the worst case of abuse he had seen in his career. Research the Victoria Climbie case. Focusing on the following factors, discuss the role played by social services in this case: *Organisational processes such as: communication, recruitment and selection. *Factors impacting on personnel, such as: stress, job clarity and delegation. *With reference to the fundamental principles of organizational design, consider that of the social services and the implications of this. *Explain how organizational structure would have impacted on individual and organisational behaviour. *Identify and describe the factors impacting on performance management- what were the barriers to this and how can these be improved. *Changes made to organizational structure as a result of the inquiry into the case. Victoria Climbie was born on 2nd November 1991in the Ivory Close. In the Autumn of 1998 she arrives in Paris, with her great aunt, Marie-Therese Kouao, who her parents had entrusted her to, in the hope of escaping poverty. The following April the pair travel to London, Marie fleeing French authorities over benefit payments. In July of the same year, Marie and Victoria move into accommodation with Carl Manning, a bus driver Marie had met. On 14th July Victoria is admitted to Central Middlesex hospital by the daughter of her child minder, with suspected non-accidental injuries. From then to her death seven months later on 25th February, Victoria was the victim of continual abuse and neglect. Dr Nathaniel Carey, the Home Office pathologist who examines her body, finds 128 separate

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