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From Barry Bonds to Marion Jones to Lance Armstrong: performance-enhancing drugs have been a huge storyline in almost every sport for many years. Many champions, runner-ups, and middle of the pack athletes have had their image tainted by their involvement with steroids. “What’s lost when drugs permeate sport is quite simple: authenticity and believability” (Sokolove). Stated perfectly this sentence means that with all the use of steroids that takes place in sports today it is unfortunately true that the records broken today will always come with questions and allegations of PED’s. The articles “To the Victor, The Drug Test” by Michael Sokolove and “A Sporting Chance” in The Editors, Nature both address this very heated issue and take a look…show more content…
Sokolove then illustrates the magnitude of this broken record by saying, “Now, for a moment, imagine some equivalent of Beamon’s “leap of the century” this month in Beijing. Let’s say that the world record in the men’s 100 meters — recently lowered two-hundredths of a second, to 9.72 seconds, by Usain Bolt of Jamaica — is smashed by a full tenth of a second. Or that the Australian swimmer Libby Trickett’s new world record of 52.88 seconds in the women’s 100-meter freestyle falls to 51 seconds flat.” He talks about how today we would be much more skeptical of any other kind of record broken in that manor. Sokolove talks about how today people would see this and immediately be skeptical of doping or some form of cheating, he compares it to SpyGate with the New England Patriots, and the cases of Floyd Landis and Roger Clemens and shows how they were cast away as cheaters in their sport. He brings up how other athletes who choose not to use these drugs feel as if their fellow competitors have cheated them. The author brings up what is being done to stop dopers from using these drugs and how there is a new ten-million dollar facility in use by the Olympic committee to not only catch those who cheat, but stop them from doing so in the first place. Sokolove concludes the article with his own opinion, “I don’t naïvely assume they’re clean, but I…show more content…
The fact that science is giving everybody a chance to enhance their bodies, makes it only natural that in time everybody will have these advantages. “Most of this alteration has sought to restore function,” the article states, “but it is also possible to enhance functions into the supernormal realm.” Saying adults should be allowed to take the risk to enhance their bodies to perform at the highest level possible, this article makes a very strong argument for the changing of the rules rather than the changing of the athlete. Later, it warns about future risk to the athlete’s body but states that it is the athlete’s choice in the first place and they need to be aware of future risks. The issue of which sport is to change first is brought up later in the article and raises a good question; “There is also the problem of who goes first. The sport that changes its rules to allow the use of performance enhancing drugs will be attacked as a freak show or worse.” In a way, the article contradicts itself, but at the same time shows a well thought out, balanced argument. The idea that sports should simply change their rules to adjust to changing times is one that rarely gets any thought, but this article makes a strong case for the rule makers to give some thought as to what exactly needs to change. “A Sporting Chance” brought up many points that go relatively unthought-of in the sports community.

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