Victor A Human Or Monster

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The novel Frankenstein, written by Marry Shelly is a science fiction novel about a university student who is obsessed with the passion for science and creating life. The student, Victor Frankenstein creates life using body parts he collects from various graves. His creation a supernatural being, possessing powerful strength and physical deformities. The monster is abandoned and left to live a life of isolation. The monster despises Victor for creating and abandoning him. The monster seeks revenge killing Victor’s friends and family. Despite the monster actions, the monster is still more “human” than Victor Frankenstein. What qualities must one poses to be a human? Humans are naturally hardworking, feel emotions and poses superior intelligence. These qualities are more visible in the monster’s character, when compared with Victor’s character. First of all the monster is very hardworking. He is very devoted and never gives up on his goal. He manages to survive in the hash climate, when he is abandoned by Victor. When he is abandoned he is mentally a child, learning how to walk and learning how use his senses. In this situation the monster shows how hardworking he is. He manages to build a fire, gathers food and makes a small bed to sleep on. The monster is also very dedicated to find Victor, even if he has to search the whole world to find him. His hard work is shown in the quote, “But where was I to direct myself? ...the sun was my only guide” (Shelly, 141). This quote is recited by the monster and shows how determined he is to find Victor. He is willing to search for Victor with no directions or a map. On the other hand Victor is very selfish. Victor proves that he is selfish by running away from his problems. He runs away from the monster, abandoning him upon creation. This is shown in the quote, “unable to endure the aspect of the being… I rushed out of
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