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Compensation To Victims Of Crime Under Criminal Law Author : Miss Bhumika Sharma Bhumika Sharma* Victim means a person who has suffered any loss or injury caused by reason of the act or omission for which the accused person has been charged and the expression “victim” includes his or her guardian or legal heir.1Crime takes an enormous physical, financial and emotional hardship on its victims. The status of the victim has passed from diminution to the present degree of attention. Victim feels agonized firstly at the hands of offender and then by dint of the technical and inhumane procedure of criminal machinery. Response of institutions and individuals to the victim in the form of intrusive or inappropriate conduct by police or other criminal justice personnel is Secondary victimization. The whole process of criminal investigation and trial is capable of causing secondary victimization, from investigation, through decisions on whether or not to prosecute, the trial itself and the sentencing of the offender, to his or her eventual release which fail to take into account the perspective of the victim Victim orientation to criminal justice administration includes greater respect and consideration towards victims and their rights in the investigative and prosecution process and a scheme for reparation /compensation for victims. The dignity and healing of victims depends on the respect and assistance extended to them by the professionals and others who come into contact with them. These include the police and other law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, victim advocates, legal aid providers, judges, corrections personnel, medical staff, mental health providers, elected officials, ombudsmen, spiritual leaders, civil organizations, traditional leaders, the media and others. Guidelines and standards must be developed and tailored to each locality. The

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