Victimization Essay

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Violence and Victimization Professor Quear Victimology Victor Lee DeVry University 21 July 2013 Abstract In this paper we are going to talk about social and biological influences on violence. I am supporting the sociological side more than the biological in this paper. Social surroundings can impact people to fit in and become the norm, which could lead to violent behavior to fit in. Violence and Victimization Violence is a large problem in society today, people hurt others and we are striving to understand why there is so much violence going on. There are many theories of why people commit violent crimes or become violent and what makes them how they are. Children can be influenced at a young age and can become violent by being exposed to violence at home or through outside influence. Violent behavior can also be due to genetic traits that were passed down from parents. Looking at social point of view, violence can be influenced in many different ways. If raised in a lower income community, one can be surrounded by local gang members and gang member can influence the youth to commit violent crimes and join their gangs, “, individuals are discouraged from violating norms by the threat of social disapproval or punishment and feelings of guilt and shame that result from the internalization of norms” (World Health Organization 2009). This could lead to a near lifetime of violent behavior. A child growing up and seeing his father do violent things to his or her mother or anyone else at that matter, can be influenced by this and act out on it when he or she is at an older age. There are morals that can come into play but at times people cannot help their own urges or to act out when angry, this could also be taught through survival of the fittest. For instance one grows up in not the best area and fights are quite common, later in life the individual is

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