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December 28: Punjab, Derabassi -Salvation Tour by His Holiness Salvation Tour by His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir December 15, 2010 onwards: December 28 -Punjab, Derabassi From Dasuya, the party reached Derabassi the same day i.e., on December 27, 2010. A congregation was oraganized in Derabassi on December 28 in a vast open ground in Devi Nagar. Devotees from all over the area thronged the place. Addressing the gathering, Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj said: “Devotees always wish to lead a life full of devotion. This keeps their feelings pure and pleasant. They always give preference to such feelings in their life. Human birth is precious like a diamond. It is for man to value it. If life is wasted, it reveals the man’s lack of wisdom only. No doubt, man has numerous achievements to his credit, but his thinking and attitude have not found a change. One must improve his behaviour and be exalted. However, this is possible only if man unites with the Truth. Bereft of truth, man remains bereft of humanity. Those who attain the truth while there is time make their life meaningful. They imbibe love, compassion and co-operation. They are guided by the spirit of oneness for all. Naturally, they impress everyone with their behaviour. No doubt, there are people whose company is cherished while there are others who are shunned only. Devotees, therefore, try to be pleasant in their behaviour. The world has never treated the saints kindly. In every age saints were subjected to all kinds of atrocities. Even then they taught the lesson of love only. We celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm through out the world. History tells us what treatment he received from the world. Blessed are those who adopt the message of saints in their lives and act for the welfare of one and all. Devotees always give importance to humility.” Several VIPs

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