Vices to Students Essay

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CHAPTER l THE PROBLEM Introduction Being a Fourth year High school student is the time where most students are having a pressure. Because this is the time that they are having a hard time in thinking on how to pursue their studies after graduating. Being a High School is a far different from being a College Student. Because as we all know; you will have a new life when you go to college, New environment which you have to adapt, New set of friends which you have to treat nice, and new subject or topics that you have to study based on what course you will get. It seems to be a "coming of age thing" when a student goes to teenage life and encounters vices such as drinking, smoking, drug-use, unprotected sex, and gambling is very rampant nowadays. Such vices cannot be ignored anymore as to the more students seem to be detaching from their spare time or even they intend to cut classes just for this so called vices, they seem to be enjoying freedom too much. Although drinking, smoking, and drug-use usually result in adverse health consequences, there are some perceived benefits or advantages of these behaviors particularly from the point of view of the adolescents and youths. Adolescents may view drinking and smoking as privileges of adults and may want to engage in them to feel grown up and to present themselves as adults to others. Adolescents and youths may drink and smoke to keep the company of their friends who are already engaging in these behaviors, like if sharing of drinks and cigarettes are common and considered “cool” in group activities like engaging in premarital sex as the result from being drunk and especially when using of drugs were present. It is known that peer pressure may occur in the form of encouragement, dares, oractual offers of the substances. Indirect influence may also occur when young people associate withpeers who

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