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Vices and Its Effects in Puerto Galera Essay

  • Submitted by: kyujin
  • on March 16, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Vices and Its Effects in Puerto Galera" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


          The researcher wishes to give her sincere appreciation of the God’s overflowing grace in pursuing this study.
          She would like to thank the following;
          Mr. Kerjay Ambat, her professor in English 02, for his guidance in giving his expertise of the accomplishment of this study.
          Her beloved classmates and friends, who support and give extreme advices and courage in doing this research paper.
          And finally, the overwhelming thanks to my loving and supportive family, my husband and my mother.

        Vices are forms of evil, wicked and criminal actions or behaviors in the society. Vices are social problems and have been thought of as social situations that a large number of observers feel are inappropriate and need remedying. Vices are those acts and conditions that violate societal norms and values.
        There are different kinds of vices which are harmful to people. The most common is the addiction to CIGARETTE SMOKING which we all know that dangerous to the health of people using it. The other one is of course, DRUG ADDICTION and ADDICTION TO ALCOHOLS, which is also very harmful to the health. And, there is also the SEXUAL PROMISCUITY/ PROSTITUTION and DIFFERENT KINDS OF GAMBLE.
        We all know that all of these vices have harmful effects to people using it and even people around it and the place itself where these vices are in.


        Nowadays, the researcher observed that there are different vices in her town, Puerto Galera. She noticed that it have different effects to them that can be harmful. As she observed in her town it causes different things such as troubles, robbery, and any bad deeds. It can even affect the peers and family with those vices.
        So, this study is to help people more aware of the status of Puerto Galera about these vices.  


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