Vice President of Operations Essay

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Vice President of Operations, Part 1 July 20, 2014 BUS 515 Dr. Phyllis Parise In this paper, as the Vice President of Operations at Apple, Inc., I will be addressing the issues within our current organizations operations strategy that is not supporting the challenges we are currently facing. I will be looking at the organization from top to bottom and that includes ensuring our organizations mission and vision aligns with the work that is conducted in each functional area of the organization. The key elements will be evaluated for efficiency and a determination of things that do not align will be addressed. I will be writing up new operational strategies that will be that will be based off of the competitive priorities. Upon completion of my research and evaluation, I will immediately meet with the Chief Executive Officer to address the issues along with proposing new recommendations to maintain our competitive edge. Apple Inc. is “set out to produce high quality, low cost, easy to use products that incorporate high technology for the individual, (Apple, Inc., 2014). Apple is known for the creator of the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. Apple has been very innovative with their products over the last 15 years and has currently been experiencing some issues with the production due to the working conditions in some of the production plants. After further research, I have found that one of the tasks that do not align with the operational strategy is the assembly plant in which apple products are being assembled. In China, the employees safety are at stake and the environment that production is conducted in is not healthy. Another task that does not align with the operational strategy is the work hours that employees are faced with. Most of Apple’s employees work excessive overtime, seven days and are living in crowded dorms. The third task that
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